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Our Staff


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Veterinary medicine professional achievement and advancement are hallmarks of Bluegrass Veterinary Vision (BVV). Consistent with that, Katie is distinguished as being only the 13th person in the USA to have earned the title of “Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) in Ophthalmology.” Katie is a member of the Academy of Veterinary Ophthalmology Technicians and is a member of the Academy’s licensing committee. Additionally, Katie earned her associate’s degree from Brown Mackie College in veterinary technology. Katie has worked with Dr. Tolar for more than a decade.

A lifelong Louisville area resident, Katie is also an artist with interests in painting; especially watercolors. Katie’s pet household speaks to who she is...she is a pet mom to: a blind Yorkie mix dog, a Rottweiler mix, Prancer the Chihuahua, and Petrie a house sparrow she hand-raised because it was an abandoned chick in a barn. Katie has a, “Sweet spot for small breed senior dogs,” and she enjoys helping out with a rescue that works exclusively with senior pets.


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Bluegrass Veterinary Vision (BVV) functions so well because of team work. It respects and understands that it takes the talents of many, each with diverse skill sets, to offer the best care and experience. Samantha brings her outstanding business acumen to BVV every day! Her educational background includes an associate’s degree specialized in accounting, and has a bachelor’s degree in business management. Samantha’s passion for animals coupled with her strong business background makes her an ideal fit for maintaining BVV’s medical records, daily bookkeeping, making appointments, and fielding general information questions.

Samantha is a pet-mom to 3 dogs (one dog has only one eye, and another has only three legs), and 1’s the remarkable part...ALL of Samantha’s pets are rescues. Brava! Samantha is into cooking and baking, drawing and painting, and finds time to go hiking.


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A graduate of Purdue University's premier Veterinary Technology program, Anna has been working in the veterinary field for 11 years, with 6 of those years directly as a veterinary technician.  Making a positive impact on the lives of both animals and their owners is always foremost in her professional approach, which is consistent with the mission of Bluegrass Veterinary Vision.

In her role as a highly experienced working veterinary technician, Anna has learned many practical and effective ways to manage and care for animals, and she willingly attempts to share with clients her expertise in welcoming and empathetic ways.  Walking her 6-year old pit bull mix, who Anna says can be, "A bit of a couch potato in the evenings," is something she looks forward to doing as much as she can...after all, a good walk is a great remedy for animal couch potatoes and human couch potatoes too!


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One of Bluegrass Veterinary Vision’s goals is to make the clients’ experience in obtaining excellent veterinary vision care to be a seamless experience. To deliver on that goal requires a true team effort, a team effort that utilizes and capitalizes upon the diverse skill sets of many individuals. Typically, one of the first members of our team that the client may interact with is our receptionist, Brittny. She has an in-depth understanding of our office and business protocols in working with clients, professional referrals, appointments, and billing questions. Brittny has worked in veterinary emergency and specialty centers since 2014, giving her a broad base of knowledge. As diverse as Brittny’s professional skill sets are, her own away from work interests are equally diverse! Brittny enjoys spending time with her family and her rescue pets, Drippy and Papito! She is also a fan of true crime stories, including listening to podcasts and reading about them, and art.


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Who do you meet when introduced to: a science buff, a former Disney animal nutrition intern, a powerlifter, a Harry Potter fan who rereads the series every year, a hunter jumper equestrienne, and a lifelong Louisvillian?? McKenna! McKenna is a highly qualified vet assistant with an educational, and experiential background that wholly supports her know-how. But more importantly it is McKenna’s true and heartfelt commitment to, “...helping those without a voice,” sick animals who are in need of medical and/or surgical care. All of this is precisely why she is a member of Bluegrass Veterinary Vision’s outstanding team! McKenna holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, has interned at Disney working with exotic animals, and has years of on-the-job experience in veterinary medicine. It’s no wonder this animal lover has also filled her personal life with multiple pets, and proudly states that she even still has her very first horse, a Quarter Horse named “Diablo.”