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Our Staff




Who is the woman with a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that competes in tournaments around the USA, is a pitbull advocate, a plant enthusiast, is into reading and needle felting, and has a dog named Hanabi and a cat named Shirley? That would be Bluegrass Veterinary Vision’s (BVV) very own Advanced Care Associate, Emily! Emily has worked in veterinary medicine for many years, and for more than a decade has worked directly with Dr. Tolar. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management, and is in the final process of becoming a licensed veterinary technician.

Emily’s passion for working with animals began as a child, and she has worked with all kinds of animals including very exotic animals at the zoo. She especially likes working closely with clients and developing the kinds of relationships with them that lead to her being better able to serve their pets. Emily totally gets the person-pet connection, and understands that a “pet’s true voice” is their person!



All employees of Bluegrass Veterinary Vision (BVV) possess the highest standards of professionalism and are able to personally connect with pets and their people too! Vet tech Josie, a native Kentuckian, is a perfect example of this. Josie has an associate’s degree from Brown Mackie College in veterinary technology, and is a member of the Academy of Veterinary Ophthalmic Technicians. Josie has many years of experience working as a vet tech in a general veterinary medicine practice, and more than five years of experience working specifically in veterinary ophthalmology. Experience counts, and it is indeed her remarkable hands-on experience coupled with her insightfulness that truly sets her apart.

Away from BVV, Josie enjoys painting, hiking, and traveling. Josie has a fur baby family consisting of: 2 miniature Dachshunds, 1 French Bulldog, and an orange cat named Andre who for some reason happens to think he is a dog...guess that’s what happens when a cat lives with 3 dogs!


Veterinary medicine professional achievement and advancement are hallmarks of Bluegrass Veterinary Vision (BVV). Consistent with that, Katie is distinguished as being only the 13th person in the USA to have earned the title of “Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) in Ophthalmology.” Katie is a member of the Academy of Veterinary Ophthalmology Technicians and is a member of the Academy’s licensing committee. Additionally, Katie earned her associate’s degree from Brown Mackie College in veterinary technology. Katie has worked with Dr. Tolar for more than a decade.

A lifelong Louisville area resident, Katie is also an artist with interests in painting; especially watercolors. Katie’s pet household speaks to who she is...she is a pet mom to: a blind Yorkie mix dog, a Rottweiler mix, Prancer the Chihuahua, and Petrie a house sparrow she hand-raised because it was an abandoned chick in a barn. Katie has a, “Sweet spot for small breed senior dogs,” and she enjoys helping out with a rescue that works exclusively with senior pets.


Bluegrass Veterinary Vision (BVV) functions so well because of team work. It respects and understands that it takes the talents of many, each with diverse skill sets, to offer the best care and experience. Samantha brings her outstanding business acumen to BVV every day! Her educational background includes an associate’s degree specialized in accounting, and will soon have her bachelor’s degree in business management. Samantha’s passion for animals coupled with her strong business background makes her an ideal fit for maintaining BVV’s medical records, daily bookkeeping, making appointments, and fielding general information questions.

Samantha is a pet-mom to 4 dogs (one dog has only one eye, and another has only three legs), and 3’s the remarkable part...ALL of Samantha’s pets are rescues. Brava! Samantha is into cooking and baking, drawing and painting, and finds time to go hiking.

To quote Samantha, “I can’t imagine not working around animals. It is an exceptional feeling going home every day knowing I made a difference in an animal’s life.”