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Your Visit



What is the approximate cost of an examination?

Our standard new examination fee starts at $175 whether this is at your barn or at the equine hospital. Ambulatory charges within 20 miles are $42. The new examination fee doesn’t include sedation, eyelid blocking or additional diagnostic testing, such as fluorescein staining, eye pressure or cytology if necessary. These tests would be an additional cost based on the needs of your horse.

Estimates for procedures can be provided over the phone based on your description of the eye abnormality, however these are approximate estimates. We cannot give an exact cost of services over the phone without having seen your horse as the working diagnosis may be different than anticipated.



How do I schedule an appointment for my horse?


Please call the Bluegrass Veterinary Vision at 502-242-5504 and we will give you an approximate time that we are able to make an ambulatory call to your barn. These appointments take place on Fridays and please keep in mind they are approximations. Working with horses can be unpredictable and can take longer than expected. Dr. Tolar will keep you updated by text as the day unfolds so you will have a good idea as to when she will arrive. 

If you are outside the ambulatory radius, appointments can be made at The Kentucky Equine Hospital with Dr. Tolar. Please call Bluegrass Veterinary Vision at 502-242-5504 and we will arrange this appointment. Please do not call The Kentucky Equine Hospital for appointments with Dr. Tolar.

Same day urgent appointments are available. Please call the office to discuss this option.



How long will my horses appointment take?

Horse appointments can be quite variable. A new examination usually takes about one hour. If there are additional procedures that need to be performed this can take up to two hours. Recheck appointments usually take between 20-30 minutes. Dr. Tolar doesn’t travel with an assistant to hold horses so it will be required to have someone present at your barn to hold your horse and have them in the barn.



Should I give my horse his medications the day of the examination?

Please give medications on your regular schedule except for ointments. Please don’t administer ointments within 2 hours of Dr. Tolar’s arrival. If you have a question about which medications you should or should not give prior to the appointment please call and we can help answer your questions.



What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, personal checks and cash. Payment for services is due at the time of services. We have the ability to store credit cards on file for owners that may not be present at the trainer’s facility the day of the examination. If your horse is hospitalized payment in full is due at the time of discharge for both Bluegrass Veterinary Vision and The Kentucky Equine Hospital.



What if my horse has to be hospitalized for treatment or a procedure?

Horses are hospitalized at The Kentucky Equine Hospital. The hospital is located at 9460 Shelbyville Road Simpsonville, KY 40067. The hospital has 24-hour care which is essential for intensive medical cases. We have the ability to do standing procedures and general anesthesia on horses at The Kentucky Equine Hospital. Dr. Tolar is the doctor in charge of your horse while they are at the hospital. Dr. Tolar will check on patients twice daily and give you a daily update.

Bluegrass Veterinary Vision and The Kentucky Equine Hospital are two separate entities that work closely together but have separate billing systems. Because of this there will be two invoices for each entity when your horse leaves the hospital.


What if I’m running late for my appointment?

Please call Dr. Tolar and let her know immediately and she will let you know if she is still able to see your horse that day.



Appointment Confirmation Policy

We will send a text or email to confirm your horses appointment. If you do not have one of these modes of communication we can call at your primary number listed.



Prescription Renewal

By law, we must see patients once yearly to renew prescriptions. If your horse is on a life long medication and we have examined them in the past year, you may call our office to arrange pick up or we can mail it to you for a shipping fee. If it has been past the year mark I am unable to refill your medication. If you are unable to return to our clinic please call your regular veterinarian for refills. Please note that prescription refill requests will not be processed outside of normal business hours.

The following options are available to refill your medication:

  • Mail the medications to your home via UPS. Please call our office to order and pre-pay with a credit card. There is a $15.91 plus tax shipping fee on small box orders.

  • You can pick up medications or written prescriptions directly from our office during regular business hours Monday-Thursday 8am-4:30pm and Friday 8am-12pm. Please call our office in advance to have medications ready for pick-up.

  • Order medications through our clinic's online pharmacy. There are some compounded medications (voriconazole, cyclosporine, cefazolin) that are not available through our online pharmacy.