Bluegrass Veterinary Vision

500 N. English Station Road STE 11
Louisville, KY 40223


Your Visit


Bluegrass Veterinary Vision will work closely with your primary care veterinarian to make sure your horses eye problem is managed completely. Our hospital does not require a referral, however we will reach out to your primary care veterinarian to inform them of your appointment so we can keep them apprised of your horses diagnosis and treatment plan.

Bluegrass Veterinary Vision is an ophthalmology only clinic. Our doctor’s skills are focused on the eye therefore we are unable to perform routine procedures such as deworming or lameness examinations. It is important that your primary care veterinarian has all the information from each visit at our hospital. We send a detailed report from every visit you have with Dr. Tolar. If your primary care veterinarian has not received our detailed letter please let us know and we will get that to them promptly.

Your veterinarian has the ability to contact Dr. Tolar after hours about any horse even if your horse is not yet a client. Dr. Tolar will happily answer any questions from your primary care veterinarian.